Our Story

Two hospital radio presenters had an idea; more specifically, they asked a question:


"Why is there not a station in Solihull to connect residents to their community?”


This online station is the realisation of that discussion. We have built a team of like-minded people wanting to make a difference to the community of Solihull and the surrounding area, with passionate radio presenters broadcasting and podcasting every day on Solihull Radio.


We are always looking to develop the station and if you can help in any way, please get in touch.


“I’m really proud to lead the station by supporting a great radio team who bring a positive approach to Solihull” - Geoff (Founder)



“Solihull is a great place to live and raise a family - I’m passionate about community and Solihull Radio is a wonderful way of bringing people together. We have an enviable team of enthusiastic broadcasters covering a wonderfully diverse range of content. As Solihull grows, so will its dedicated radio station”.

– Julia  Collins Parsons 


    Geoff O'Brien


    Geoff was one of the founders of Solihull Radio in late 2017, together with Nick, a fellow hospital radio presenter and Duncan, his next door neighbour!


    A teacher by day, Geoff began his career as a professional musician ….he has been known to appear on Top of the Pops in a past life! 


    Geoff has a passion to bring all the elements of the community together and has used his technical skills to build a platform to do just that. He has forged valuable links with the business and charity community who saw Solihull Radio’s potential and have supported him with advice and guidance.


    Geoff is a seasoned Silhillian, living locally with his family and is dad to 3 young daughters.

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    Jake Morrison

    The Solihull Rock Show Presenter

    Join Jake every Tuesday from 6pm for the Solihull Rock Show.

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    Jas Rohel

    The Education Show Presenter

    Founder and CEO of the Education Awards, Jas runs the annual event for people and establishments who work in Education. She is passionate about creating business links in education. 

    On a weekly basis Jas will be discussing all topics in Education and will be joined by key people for interviews.  Get in touch if you have a topic you would like us to discuss.

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    Steve Clarke

    Classic Time Machine Presenter

    Musician, singer song writer, Steve has been playing and performing in bands for over 40 years both in a professional and semi-professional capacity.


    Throughout this time he has been the recipient of three regional entertainment awards 1986 – 2008 – 2013 and has collectively achieved three top ten and a number one position in the new release top 100 MP3 unsigned charts with original band songs that he wrote, performed and recorded. Still an active performing musician and bass guitar tutor he now presents ‘The Classic Time Machine’ a retro music show on Solihull Radio playing songs from decades gone by, with guests coming onto the show and picking the tracks of their years.

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    Leigh Perry

    The Arts and Entertainment Show Presenter

    Leigh is the Principal and Trustee of DMS H of E Music Academy based in Knowle (Est 1985). She is hands on teaching 40 pupils a week at the school . 

    A musician, show producer (www.dmsfusionlive.com) and presenter at Solihull Radio (The arts and entertainment show - Sunday’s live 4-6 ) Leigh is passionate about music, animals and a supporter of charities. 

    Business woman of the year 2016 (Birmingham Awards)
    Finalist of Business Woman of the Year 2020 (Ladies First Awards) 

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    Phil Oldershaw

    The Phil O Show 


    An experienced Presenter of TV, Radio and online projects and a professional host of events, awards, charity dinners, corporate celebrations, auctions, fashion shows, launches and openings. Phil is an incredibly versatile and esteemed Emcee/MC.


    He has worked within the city of Birmingham and the West Midlands, as a respected businessman and entrepreneur, for over 30 years, having an extensive background within the hospitality sector. Phil has been a successful operator, developer and now strategist, involved in the development of many successful brands and having built up vast experience and a strong reputation. An original co-founder of Birmingham Pride, he has literally prided himself on the cities ongoing success, equality and commitment to working partnerships. Regularly called upon for many different projects, with presenting being a particular personal passion; helping clients and visitors to engage alike, being a paramount importance to him.


    Phil received recognition by the Lord Mayors Parlour for ‘20 Years’ Service to The City’, which he says was a beautiful and unexpected delight, amongst other things, and has subsequently received other awards and accolades too.

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    Rich Davies

    Creative Director

    Rich has been in the Graphic Design Industry for over 25 years, working in a wide range of disciplines from concept to print.

    Rich loves learning something new from a good podcast and his Tuesday night fix of the Solihull Rock Show.


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    Ali Swift

    The Wellness Wednesday Show Presenter

    Ali, a mummy of two, Author of the award winning book ‘My Wellness Toolbox’, Reiki Practitioner, and Wellness Coach,  is extremely passionate about sharing her real-life experiences and tools to help others manage, tackle and overcome mental health challenges and live a more positive life.


      Frame by Frame and The Solihull Rock Show Presenter

      Jake is the host of the Frame by Frame Show every Saturday and is also the co-host of the Solihull Rock Show with the other Jake.

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      Bhaskar Choudhury

      South Asian Sessions Presenter

      Bhaskar is an engineer by day, and the presenter of South Asian Sessions by (Wednesday) night!


      As a second generation British Asian, he has a keen interest in South Asian events, arts and culture. And he is a massive movie and music buff!

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      Julie-Anne Bensley

      The Youth Project Presenter

      Julie is a mother of 3 and works freelance in TV production and teaches Drama.


      She’s also a local filmmaker and passionately believes in providing young people with a platform to voice issues that matter to them.

      The Youth Project is about more than music and will be a space for young people to own.

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      Tim Low

      Classic Drive Time Presenter

      Tim has lived in or around Solihull all his life and was for 17 years Head of Solihull Music Service. 


      As a practising musician: and teacher Tim plays piano and sings, along with playing trombone in a number of local big bands. His first love was classical orchestral music, and this, along with music from brass bands and big bands, is the main component of Classic Drive Time with Tim.

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      Julia Collins Parsons

      Creative Consultant

      Julia’s family is steeped in the record industry together with her brother, a legendary record producer and sister who discovered Guns N Roses & Nirvana. From the age of 18 she worked her way up in record companies in London and LA to becoming Artist Relations Manager at CBS Records working closely with many of the world’s most famous artists including Springsteen & M Jackson.


      She left London to join her husband - one of the top rock’n’roll music promoters in the UK,  to live in Moseley and then Solihull, but continued to work being solely responsible for media hospitality for M Jackson, Springsteen & U2’s UK tours and then becoming the organiser of The Brit Awards and Aftershow Party which grew to more than 2000 guests during her stewardship. 


      Having brought up two children in Solihull who both formed successful careers of their own in London and LA, Julia now has her own company Music Majors with the unique Eight O’Clock Rock Chat shows.  Additionally she is proud to be a Rotarian, a member of Solihull Police Advisory and helps Solihull Radio as a Director in any way she can,

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      Mat Spencer

      Live & Outside


      Mat is a Director at Avion TSL, a local production company to Solihull providing Lighting, Sound, Staging & Power solutions to a whole range of events.


      Mat is working with Solihull Radio to create their own events an encouraging the live production both on air, on-line and in person!